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Fundamentals of Practical Web Design



This website for Bright Path Early Learning and Child Care implements a professional representation of their child care center. The website is most definitely solid in the context of use on usability and navigation, multi-media, and few best qualities that are found as discussed below. Professionalism also elaborates throughout the website that proposes these qualities through colour, format, targeted audience, style, and many more. These representations throughout the web design signify the positive outcome of their business, and

Micheal Tuck states that, “…certainly something solid and professional that reflects positively on their business and compares well with the competition” (Tuck, 2003).

The website also includes a trademark, logo with plenty of colour schemes, and other elements that deliver professionalism to their website as a corporation and business, and according to Tuck, “…if you’re designing a website for a corporation or business, that they very likely have trademarks, logos, color themes…” (Tuck, 2003). With regards to the previous statement, the website also provides a tagline which catches the attention of viewers and this is an important part when targeting your audience’s attention, Micheal Tuck also suggests, “…a one-sentence “tagline” that catches the first-time viewer’s attention off the bat is an essential…” (Tuck, 2003).

Overall, the website presents a professional representation further towards its features that are easy and in a plausible format, “…make sure that your features work in an easily understandable fashion” (Tuck, 2003).



The website caught my attention automatically, it is elegant and has a sense of style to it, most importantly it is simple (Tuck, 2003).

The visual style appealed to me because it seemed very concrete and professional that does a great amount of reflection towards the child care center. There is also a personal page that has information about the owner, very insightful yet professional to her personal thoughts and accomplishments, “Personal home pages want an emphasis on the personal — the site should reflect the interests and personality of the owner” (Tuck, 2003). The website also represents an image that carries what it is all about, for example the site directly speaks to parents when acquiring to place their child/ren at their center. The website clearly demonstrates parents being their targeted audience, the philosophy is indicated for parents when placing their child at the child care center, as Tuck notes quiet frequently throughout his article, “Again, considering your audience is paramount” (Tuck, 2003). In regards to finding information from the website I was able to find all that was required to find and this made it easier for me.


As Micheal Tuck proposes, “Everyone needs to be able to find their way around your site with ease” (Tuck, 2003).

Another example that helped me find information on the website easily is the subsections that were presentable and had about five categories under each heading, ”What this means for Web designers is that we need to keep our navigational  options simple enough for easy use” (Tuck, 2003). The contact information was also accessible and quick to find and had all applicable information, Tuck recommends, “Every single page should have whatever contact information is appropriate:  email addresses, names and postal addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers…” (Tuck, 2003).


There are many qualities of the website. When I was observing my way around the website, I found navigation was very effective in multiple ways. The arrangement identified that it was easy access to get to information needed and while I was observing, I also felt contented, Tuck implies, “Make sure navigation is easy, effective, comfortable, workable, structure” (Tuck, 2003).

The best part was that I felt no need to click more than three times to get where I wanted to be, Tuck infers, “Another, related concept is the idea of “three clicks or less” to find the desired information” (Tuck, 2003). Due to the structure of the website being well sectioned and sub-categorized, this made it also obvious for me of what I was searching for in the first place. For example the categories were precise and clear, I knew right away what information was under the categories, “…everything  should be obvious as soon as the page loads” (Tuck, 2003). As I was accessing information, the download of pages was quick and required no time to wait.

Micheal Tuck also implies that most people who are opening pages will most likely not wait for a long time for the page to pop up (Tuck, 2003). The URL of the website is short and simple and Tuck recommended that it should be short (Tuck, 2003).

In relation to the short length of the URL, the website also provides its main URL being available on each page, as Tuck proposes, “The site’s main URL should also be readily available on every page” (Tuck, 2003). As discussed previously on background colours, this website does a great deal on choosing the right contrast colour in considering the reflectiveness of the text (Tuck, 2003). The short length of paragraphs is also another form of best quality the website presents, and Tuck implies, “Whenever possible, keep paragraphs short and focused” (Tuck 2003).

There are some recommendations that I would provide for the next iteration of site. For example to include a site search, this allows viewers to search where they need to get or look for, making it easier for them, Tuck suggests, “Search functions allow the user to find what they’re looking for outside of your navigational framework,  as well as giving them an “out” when they get turned around” (Tuck, 2013).

Make the website attainable for what it is intended to do so it is visible to the viewers, as Tuck advises, “Whatever it is, let the site visitor know immediately what your site is there to do” (Tuck, 2003).

Another recommendation is to consider particular audiences such as seniors in relation to applying adjustable font sizes (Tuck, 2003). You can do this by implementing, font sizes, for example some lines are larger in font size compared to the rest.</FONT> (Tuck, 2003). A further productive choice for individuals is allowing them to make choices with regards to font and one example is “For sans-serif fonts: <FONT FACE=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>” (Tuck, 2003). Consider dyslexic users when designing your website. Tuck proposes that there should not be a great amount of graphics, being too busy, flashy, or lots of animation (Tuck, 2003). If you choose to input music or any sound effect, it is a good indication to inform viewers by giving them an option of turning it off or on (Tuck, 2003). Too many decorative concepts added to the website can easily become “irritating” and Tuck implies that patience is a big problem for some users (Tuck, 2003).


Tuck, M. (2003). Practical Web Design-Fundamental of Web Design. Retrieved from


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