Research Studies

Current Issues: Leadership for Quality (Independent Research Studies)


The tool of storytelling is the oldest form of education offering narrative presentation contributing to language development in speech, written composition, reading, and listening (Wang & Zhang, 2010). According to Herman (2007) Vygotsky’s theory relating to cognitivist and linguistic development states that children’s interaction within the storytelling experience is a resourceful strategy for language development. The nature of this research is of qualitative (grounded theory) deductive method design. The instruments used were video recorded observations (5-10 min) and follow-up semi-structured interviews (20-30 min) which was used to collect data of 6 ECE’s using strategies during the implementation of storytelling. The purpose of this research is to articulate “How do ECE’s use storytelling as one of their approaches to developing young children’s language skills?” The concerns discussed in the literature address the issue that ECE’s do not feel comfortable using storytelling as a strategy for children’s language development (Taylor, 2013). Moreover, these issues relate to ECEs replacing oral storytelling with technology by the use of digital literacy. The findings of this research addresses to the strategies used by educators, knowledge and skills that ECE’s possess while using storytelling and the role of storytelling to the development of language skills in young children.


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