Early Childhood Educators Using the Storytelling Approach with Children for Language Skills Development

The tool of storytelling is the oldest form of education offering narrative presentation contributing to language development in speech, written composition, reading, and listening (Wang & Zhang, 2010). According to Herman (2007) Vygotsky’s theory relating to cognitivist and linguistic development states that children’s interaction within the storytelling experience is a resourceful strategy for language development. […]

Hacking Creativity: Simple Steps to Become More Creative

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One of my most vivid memories from high school involves a pottery class I took during my senior year. While I was sitting there mashing clay around the table trying my best to sculpt something that resembled a bowl, some of my classmates were practically recreating Michelangelo’s “David.” There seemed to be a chasm in…

Gift Guide for Kids

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OK, the kids are all quite good at making their own lists, but just in case, here are some ideas for kids, big and small. From Nathalie A friend recently shared her family’s gift-giving tradition with me.  Each child gets an ornament to add to the tree every year, Santa leaves one…

Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1997)

Overall, as an early childhood practitioner I have reflected on the knowledge and understanding of this reading and have interpreted the information with regards to the concept of banking knowledge and using dialogue with children as a strategy towards building relationships for new learning.

Window Open to Apply to be 2015 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator

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Reposted from PBS Learning Media: The 2015 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators Program is a yearlong, free professional development program designed to foster and grow a community of highly engaged, tech-savvy K-12 educators who are effectively using digital media and technology in classrooms to further student engagement and achievement. Applications accepted December 3, 2014…