My Philosophy

Reflection and reflective practice

In the past during my childhood I remember going to music classes at school. The teacher in the classroom would sing the songs and the entire class would follow her lead. We used to sit a music room and have the teacher playing the piano on the side while singing various songs. I remember the teacher was a very confident singer. She had a high pitched singing voice and would change the pitch during the song. She would teach us to change the tone and melody while singing. One thing that I remember most was that even when she was taking attendance she wanted the students to reply by singing in reply “here!” with different melodies or tones.

In present time I am disappointed to say that we do not have encouraging teachers or educators in our school systems. Yes there is singing and music is classrooms but the educator is not entirely enjoying or fully taking part in the activity. Also, the music in classrooms in not the educator singing it consists more of tape players with pre-recorded songs. Tape players are not the same as human singing and do not have the same learning effect on children as compared to adults singing in the classroom.  I notice that educators are timid or unsatisfied with themselves as “singers” thus not confident enough to sing publicly in-front of children. I personally do not feel fully confident in singing with children. My personal goal is to be more confident in singing and learning new songs in order to take a part with the children in musical activities. Currently I am one of the educators who are finding it difficult to provide musical experiences to the children. I feel it’s a social conflict that prevents me from publicly singing without worry and that someone is out there to judge my singing. This conflict probably makes me one of the educators I observed to be timid and shy to sing in-front of the children. As an educator I am lacking this skill and not fully giving children the opportunity of developing with musical experiences.  According to my investigation and findings of research I am not fulfilling my duty as an educator because music is fundamental to the development of young children.

In the future I plan to practice songs by going over them before presenting or implementing the activity with the children. I need to gain more confidence in-front of the children. One way I feel that would work is by relaxing my body and enjoying the experience with the children. If I am enjoying the music and song the children will spontaneously enjoy as well. The only barrier for this goal is me and my personal thinking. If I feel bad about myself and judge my own singing I would not achieve my goal. I need to have self-confidence and have no fear of making mistakes in-front of children.

My belief and pedagogy is that children are active learners and learn through experiences. The experiences are provided by the adults and the surrounding environment. Providing children with musical experiences promotes there development with a combination of aspects such as language, social emotional, and physical development. This subject is important to me because I was provided with musical experiences very late in my childhood approximately at the age of 7. I was never encouraged to sing or play instruments in my school before this. Now, with research I learned that the early years are highly significant for the development of children through musical experiences. This findings has encouraged me to provide this learning experience to young children who will benefit the most from the continuous experiences.

Kindergarten Students Learning to Tell Time

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