Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving Break

One of Thirty Voices

Teaching children is an extremely challenging occupation. It is also very engaging work. Some days are better than others. This week, during Thanksgiving break, I have had a chance to reflect on the first semester, to think about each of my children, their learning styles, what they’ve learned (and not learned!). I’ve been able to look more clearly at how my teaching has been delivered and been received. I have two weeks (not counting finals week) to impact learning and grades. How I choose to do this may well determine the pass/fail outcomes for some of my students.

This week, however, I have the uninterrupted days to examine just which standards each child appears to have become more familiar with, and which is still foreign. I can see who truly is ready to finish this semester and move on to the next. How well they learned is, in part, how…

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