Educational Games

Cyberspace Schooling

Educating with Simulations

Using games in education is becoming more popular due to the resulting benefits.  Playing games to learn different skills has many benefits without any negative consequences of real life circumstances.   This has been demonstrated through the game ‘spill’ played in over 750 schools, allowing students to clean-up the city using business and problem solving skills without any risk as opposed to real-life situations (Elkin, 2011).  Using life-like simulations, teachers can monitor and comment on students actions in given circumstances.  This method of teaching is beneficial in preparing students for probable work situations.

Objective Games

Additionally games can be very motivational for students when including tasks and objectives.  Everyone loves to play games and children are no exception and according to Howell they are highly engaging and motivating for students (2013, p. 216).  When incorporating mundane tasks into game formats, students are likely to increase their focus and…

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