The Economics of Creativity-Part 1

Beyond Institutionalized Education

In last week’s edition of TED Radio Hour on National Public Radio (NPR), the theme was The Source of Creativity. Among the pioneers featured on the show was Sir Ken Robinson, a British author and educational specialist who is not so quietly becoming the leading proponent for revolutionizing mainstream education through prioritizing creativity. He gave the most watched TED Talk of all time (with over 40 million views and counting…here’s the link to the video if you want to see what the hype is all about) and he has over 265,000 followers on Twitter. It’s safe to say, lots of people are talking about Sir Ken and his ideas on creativity… but not all of them agree with him. In fact, he doesn’t always agree with himself.

In the NPR Radio show, Robinson argues that the current mainstream schooling system educates us “to “become good workers, rather than creative…

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